Outpatient Rehab

Residential treatment by itself isn’t the answer to turning a life around. Eventually, those in inpatient addiction treatment programs transition back into situations that might have triggered their drinking or drug use. 

An important step in the treatment process is outpatient rehab. California-based outpatient therapy and continuing care groups through Restorations Health Care in Anaheim can help participants beat their addictions while living at home. 

Outpatient therapy allows participants to go to work and be with friends and family while getting the essential support needed to maintain their progress. 

Other addiction patients may have mild addictions that don’t warrant an intensive residential treatment program. Outpatient treatment can be a recovery lifeline that will allow them to live at home and continue going to work or school while getting the care and counseling they need. 

Outpatient drug treatment, following a residential rehab stay, can make positive changes more likely to stick. Choosing the right rehab facility in the Anaheim area of Southern California is essential to turning the page from addiction to healthy living.  

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Addiction and alcohol rehab usually falls into two categories: inpatient (or residential) and care in an outpatient setting.  

An outpatient treatment provider may require patients to spend up to 10 to 12 hours a week visiting a treatment center for addiction therapy, but during the rest of their week, they live at home, work, see their friends, and spend time with family including children, spouses, parents, and siblings.  

Outpatient therapy for addiction continues for a year or more as longer-term treatment. Sessions at an outpatient treatment facility can include group counseling focused on pinpointing triggers and learning coping strategies as well as drug abuse education. 

Addiction and drug abuse can be a symptom of a mental health problem. Outpatient treatment can include psychiatric care in cases with a dual diagnosis of substance use along with anxiety or depression. 

Residential recovery care may be out of reach financially for some addiction patients, while others may be reluctant to go to an addiction treatment program across the country. Outpatient day programs for addiction treatment may be the sobriety solution for these patients. 

Outpatient drug rehab in Southern California can be a good option for someone with a mild addiction or to transition out of residential treatment. Ongoing support resources give addiction patients their best chance for positive change.  

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Different Types of Outpatient Treatment 

Each addiction patient is unique, with individual challenges, triggers, and needs. Because of the varying levels of addiction and patient needs, outpatient rehab can take many shapes and has varying levels of intensity.  

These types of outpatient rehab, including intensive outpatient care, provide patients with life-changing outpatient addiction services in California near where they live and work and are close when help is necessary. 

The addiction professionals at Restorations Health Care can layer these recovery care options to create care plans to address the needs of each patient. The levels of care available in day programs can include the following. 

Outpatient Detox Programs  

Patients with mild to moderate addictions can choose an outpatient detox program as an alternative to residential treatment. These programs are similar to residential detox programs but don’t require participants to move to a treatment facility for months of care.

These programs require a visit to a hospital, rehab center, or specific treatment center for physical and mental health checkups and prescribed medications to help patients with symptoms of addiction, including anxiety and depression. 

Psychotherapy and Mental Health Care  

The cycle of addiction can include dysfunction, trauma, and mental health conditions. Outpatient care can include psychotherapy in one-on-one sessions that can dig into the roots of addiction. 

Without addressing the mental health factor of addiction, patients are more likely to relapse after addiction treatment. Once you address the root causes of addiction, healing begins.

Medically Assisted Treatment

Most pharmacotherapies can occur in outpatient rehab. Outpatients receive prescriptions to help them during recovery and can take them at home. 

These intensive outpatient options include mental health care medications that help patients cope with anxiety or depression as they embrace sobriety.

Continuing Care Groups 

Support groups and individual counseling in an outpatient rehab setting give patients the care they need to live healthier lives free from addiction. Group counseling and individual care can give outpatients the coping skills they need to beat their addictions to alcohol or drugs. 

Counseling at an outpatient treatment facility can also include couples or family counseling and 12-step groups.  

Aftercare Plans 

Once an addiction patient leaves treatment, triggers and temptations may surface. Leaving residential treatment can feel intimidating. Aftercare can make that transition easier and set patients up to succeed in recovery.  

Discharge plans and aftercare help patients see success in all areas of life. Each Restorations Health Care patient has a unique and comprehensive aftercare plan, including medical appointments, 12-step programs, support groups, and other essential resources for recovery. Our aftercare services also include follow-up calls to clients. 

Case Management 

Outpatient rehab services at a treatment facility can help patients find psychiatric services, jobs or job training programs, or places to live. Licensed clinical social workers at day programs can provide care coordination and help in adjusting to life after residential rehabilitation care. 

Assistance in getting needed follow-up medical appointments and advice in adjusting to life after residential treatment are among the benefits of case management at Restoration Health Care. Easing life’s struggles lowers the risk of relapse after rehab. With the help of our addiction professionals, the transition to a healthier way of life is smoother.

Paying for Outpatient Rehab 

Outpatient substance use treatment and alcohol rehab does have a cost, although those who have had their lives changed through outpatient rehab say the outpatient addiction services they received are priceless. 

Patients or their families pay for outpatient addiction treatment through insurance, private payments, or a combination of the two. Since paying for care can be confusing, Restorations Health Care works with patients to help them understand their options for treatment, insurance coverage, and payment plans.  


Many outpatient rehab participants receive financial assistance through health insurance. Often, insurance carriers cover the full cost of outpatient treatment or part of it, but not all do. Health insurance policies differ in coverage for addiction services.

The insurance navigators at Restorations Health Care help patients understand their coverage for outpatient alcohol rehab programs and assist in setting up affordable payment plans for their treatment.  

Private Pay 

Outpatient alcohol rehab services are also available through private pay arrangements. Private pay can provide a greater choice of outpatient programs.

Treatment providers often work with outpatients to find financing for their treatment or a payment plan for the group counseling sessions and other addiction services they need to turn their lives around.   

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment 

While outpatient addiction care is less disruptive for patients and their families and less expensive, there are disadvantages to outpatient care, including being near friends who may also be abusing substances, familiar triggers in a personal addiction cycle at home, work, or studies, and being able to access drugs or alcohol.  

Still, outpatient care has benefits and can be a piece of the recovery puzzle for those completing inpatient care, giving them a transition into life after residential addiction care. For other patients with mild addiction problems, outpatient care can be a more affordable option for addiction treatment. 

Our intensive outpatient programs in Anaheim, California, have multiple advantages as alcohol and drug treatment options. The benefits of outpatient rehab include the following. 

You Can Continue Living at Home

Addiction patients in the Anaheim area of Southern California don’t have to leave home to get the substance abuse treatment they need. They can be home with their children and other family members during drug and alcohol rehab. 

Outpatient Programs Cost Less 

Care in an outpatient rehab facility is less expensive than in residential programs and is more likely to fall under your insurance coverage, so outpatient rehab participants often get the financial assistance they need to make positive changes.  

You Can Continue to Work 

Participants in residential rehab programs must leave their jobs for 30, 60, or 90 days to get the substance abuse treatment they need.

Patients in the Anaheim, California, area can keep their jobs while attending outpatient rehab and continuing care programs. Working can ease economic pressures while helping those with addiction problems learn to spot triggers at work and cope with them. 

Your Studies Aren’t Interrupted 

Addiction patients who are students won’t disrupt their education for treatment since they can continue their studies while attending a day program to help end substance use.

Patients who can keep up with their high school or college studies while in outpatient day programs have better chances for success in sober living. Outpatient care can help students cope with the pressures of school. 

Your Family and Friends Are Nearby

Outpatient care in the Anaheim area keeps patients close to their friends and family, who can be a source of support and encouragement unless they’re part of the addiction problem.

Loved ones who are living healthy, productive lives can be a source of inspiration for patients. Outpatient care keeps our patients close to those they love.  

Day Programs Smooth the Transition from Rehab

Inpatient alcohol or drug rehab patients can cope with the struggles and triggers they will face when they return home and to work with the support of outpatient rehabilitation programs and continuing care groups.

Treatment providers and support groups can ease the changes after patients leave residential addiction treatment to help them succeed in sobriety. 

You Can Test Coping Mechanisms in Real-Life Situations 

When addiction patients live at home while in outpatient rehab, they can try the different coping strategies they learn when facing triggers in their daily lives.

During outpatient drug rehab in Anaheim, California, patients can learn which coping mechanisms work best for them, so they have a greater chance of changing their lives. 

Restorations Health Care is Close By 

For patients in day programs, recovery resources are close by. Participants in our outpatient programs know Restorations Health Care is near them and available when help is necessary. Our support is as close as a phone call and is conveniently located in Southern California.  

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Restorations Health Care Outpatient Programs 

You may have myriad questions about drug rehab and outpatient programs in Anaheim and Southern California. Who will be your treatment provider? Will I receive financial assistance? What outpatient treatment options are available? Is mental health included in outpatient care? Which outpatient rehab program is right for me? 

At Anaheim-based Restorations Health Care, your treatment provider will be a certified addiction professional. Our treatment programs include intensive outpatient care and mental health care as part of holistic therapies that change lives for the better.  

Located minutes from Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Venice, Restorations Health Care offers detox as well as inpatient and outpatient programs to help people turn their lives around. Our dedicated team of trained addiction professionals and counselors provide personalized, holistic addiction care.

Our range of programs in Anaheim and Southern California include: 

  • Individual psychotherapy sessions to discover dysfunction in a safe environment. 
  • Group therapy geared toward learning from and encouraging each other. 
  • Family therapy to build sobriety support.  
  • Inpatient and outpatient young adult treatment programs. 
  • Outpatient 12-step program availability to reduce the risk of relapse. 
  • Outpatient care to provide the best possible outcome and continuation of care. 

Information on treatment plans, including Restorations Health Care’s addiction detox center, residential addiction treatment, our outpatient addiction aftercare program, and outpatient addiction therapy services, is available by calling (800) 271-3710. 

The caring staff of Restorations Health Care will answer your questions about rehab and offer professional treatment advice on whether an inpatient program or outpatient treatment program is best. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from a cycle of addiction, take the first step toward healthy living by calling us at (800) 271-3710.