Does Cigna Cover Drug Rehab

Cigna Drug Rehab Thanks in large part to government initiatives such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), addiction rehab has never been more accessible and affordable.  Private health insurance companies, such as Cigna, cover drug rehab as well as treatment for behavioral health and mental health disorders. Depending on your Cigna plan, your treatment may … Read more

Does Aetna Cover Drug Rehab?

Aetna Drug Rehab Aetna is one of the largest private insurance providers in the United States. Being one of the largest providers, they offer coverage beyond just standard medical and dental health insurance, they also provide coverage for substance use disorder and mental health treatment. At Restorations Health Care in Anaheim, CA we accept insurance … Read more

Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Relationships are a part of our everyday life. Whether it’s our relationships with ourselves, our significant others, our coworkers, or even the mailman, relationships are part of what defines us and make us who we are. Unfortunately, when battling addiction, many of these relationships become fractured, including our own relationships with ourselves. Repairing those broken … Read more

Co-Occurring Disorders and Rehab

Many people who suffer from substance use disorder also suffer from a mental health disorder. Whether the addiction was brought on by the mental health disorder or the other way around, suffering from both a mental illness and a drug or alcohol addiction is called a co-occurring disorder. If you are suffering from addiction and … Read more

5 Warning Signs of Addiction

Addiction is a disease. Much like any other disease, there are warning signs and symptoms that go along with substance abuse and addiction.  If you fear that a friend, family member, or loved one may be struggling with drug or alcohol use in Anaheim, CA, being able to spot the possible warning signs of addiction … Read more

Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction

Benefits of Group Therapy Therapy is a crucial part of the overall addiction treatment process. Therapy is what helps us learn and understand the factors that led to our addiction. By learning what led us down the path of addiction, we can learn how to better handle these triggers or situations in the future without … Read more

Gratitude in Recovery

For many, going to rehab indicates a low point in their life. As a result, their life is filled mainly with negativity and self-loathing.  Gratitude is one of the many values taught in recovery. Gratitude teaches us to see the good in life and others. While learning gratitude is an important part of addiction recovery, … Read more

Choosing The Best Rehab for Me

Making the decision to go to rehab for your drug or alcohol addiction is the first big step on the road to recovery. Equally as important though is deciding where you are going to go to get your treatment. Choosing the right rehab can go a long way when it comes to getting off on … Read more

Life After Rehab

Addiction recovery doesn’t end once rehab has been completed. Recovery is a lifelong journey that requires daily effort.  Adjusting to your new life after leaving rehab can be overwhelming at times. Learning how to navigate your life as a newly sober person can be exciting, but it can also be scary and stressful.  Setting yourself … Read more

Sober Resolutions

Creating New Year’s Resolutions in Sobriety The holidays are often a time to gather around with friends and family and enjoy one another’s company. They can also be a time for reflection. As the calendar turns from December to January we often think about ways we want to improve ourselves in the new year. This … Read more