Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction

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Benefits of Group Therapy

Therapy is a crucial part of the overall addiction treatment process. Therapy is what helps us learn and understand the factors that led to our addiction. By learning what led us down the path of addiction, we can learn how to better handle these triggers or situations in the future without the use of drugs or alcohol.

While individual therapy allows for more one-on-one time with a therapist or treatment professional to peel back the layers and reflect (also known as psychotherapy), group therapy is equally important. Group therapy offers a peer support system that many in addiction recovery crave, especially during their time in a recovery program.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of group therapy for drug and alcohol addiction in Anaheim, CA.


Accountability is a major life lesson that is taught in the recovery process. Accountability teaches us that we are ultimately the only ones responsible for our behaviors and actions. 

While nobody goes into a therapy session with the intent to lie, in an individual therapy session it might be a little easier to “spin the story” in a way that looks a little better for you. After all, all your therapist has to go off of is what you tell him or her. 

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In group therapy, it is much harder to get away with telling anything but the complete truth. Since you are surrounded by a group of people, it is much more likely that one of them will be able to tell if you aren’t being 100% honest with both yourself and the group members. This, in turn, encourages you to practice accountability as part of your recovery.

Perspectives (Similar & Different)

While everyone who is in group therapy shares the connection of being in treatment for addiction, every person is unique and, with that, has a unique perspective on substance abuse treatment and the overall recovery process. 

Being around a group of people who each have their own perspective when it comes to addiction and recovery (both similar and different to yours) can present you with a different way of thinking as it pertains to your own recovery journey. 


Arguably, one of the biggest benefits of group therapy is the support system aspect. Often, those in treatment for addiction lack a proper support system. Group therapy provides that much-needed support system since those who participate in group sessions together tend to feel a bond and connection with their fellow participants.

The bonds and connections that many make during group therapy last far beyond treatment. For many, the connections and friends they make while in treatment remain an important part of their support system long after they have completed treatment and returned to their daily life.

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A strong support system is crucial to not just getting sober but also relapse prevention. For many, that support system begins with those connections made during group therapy sessions and continues with support group meetings post-treatment.

The Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction in Anaheim, CA

Group therapy is an important part of the overall treatment process. Just like the rest of the treatment process, it is also 100% confidential. 

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