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Creating New Year’s Resolutions in Sobriety

The holidays are often a time to gather around with friends and family and enjoy one another’s company. They can also be a time for reflection.

As the calendar turns from December to January we often think about ways we want to improve ourselves in the new year. This could mean starting a new diet, getting to the gym more, or crossing an item off our bucket list.

For those in recovery in and around Anaheim, the new year means that it is time to put a game plan together so that we maintain our sobriety for another calendar year with sober resolutions.   

Remaining Accountable

Accountability is a crucial part of the recovery process no matter how long you have been sober. The farther we get into our recovery journey, the more difficult it can be to remain accountable.

As we get back into the routine of our daily lives, we get comfortable with how things are going. While this isn’t a bad thing, it is important that we make sure to take the time to self-reflect and make sure we are remaining accountable for our actions.

Creating a list of sober resolutions and sticking to them allows us to keep the idea of accountability at the forefront as the year progresses.

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Loving Yourself

Recovery teaches us that it is ok to love ourselves again. Many enter treatment at their lowest point. They often have little to no self-esteem, low self-worth, and feel alone. In recovery, learning to love ourselves once again empowers us to take responsibility for our actions which, in turn, helps with our accountability and coping skills. 

When you are creating your sober resolutions list for 2023, make sure to include things that you want to do for yourself. Maybe you have always wanted to take a trip to a certain place but have never gotten around to doing it. Or, maybe there is a new activity that you want to try like cooking or taking up a new sport. 

Whatever it may be, make sure self-care and self-love are on your list. Practicing self-love and self-care in recovery can help us keep a healthy distance from our triggers while also trying out new, fun, and sober activities.

Examples of Resolutions in Sobriety

The key to creating sober resolutions is to come up with a list of things you can actually stick to. While it’s always good to be ambitious, it is also important to be realistic when it comes to the goals that you set for yourself. 

Below are some examples of sobriety resolutions you can set for yourself this holiday season:

  • Try a new hobby or sober activity
  • Spend more time with family members and loved ones
  • Attend support group meetings
  • Make your mental health and overall wellness a priority
  • Find fun, sober ways to celebrate your milestones
  • Journal daily
  • Practice mindfulness or meditation daily
  • Give back to the community
  • Help someone else out with their sobriety journey

Start 2023 Off Right With Some Sober New Year’s Resolutions

Getting the new year started on the right foot with sober resolutions can go a long way in helping us maintain our sobriety for another year.

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